Preparing Your Home for Photos



  • Remove vehicles, trash cans, recycle bins, etc. from driveway and front of house.

  • Sweep walkways, porches, patios and deck.

  • Remove hoses, sprinklers, garden tools, children’s/pet’s toys.

  • Mow the lawn, trim back shrubs/bushes from walkways and doors; remove weeds from flower beds and around shrubs/bushes.






  • Open window coverings (curtains, drapes, sheers and blinds) to let as much natural light as possible. Clean windows let in more light than dirty windows.

  • Turn on all lights and make sure lights have the same type of bulb. Replace any burnt out bulbs.

  • Turn off ceiling fans- moving fan blades just look like blur in photos.

  • Eliminate as much clutter as possible, including children’s toys, clothing, piles of newspaper/magazines. Remove anything on the floor that does not belong on the floor.

  • Remove toiletries and other personal items from bathroom counters; close toilet lids; remove laundry baskets, trash cans, old or dirty towels, etc.

  • Make all beds neatly (avoid wrinkles, lumps, etc.), clear dressers of personal items.

  • At your computer workstation, stow or unplug dangling cables/wires, clear papers.

  • In the kitchen, remove most, but not all, items from the counters. Items that can be left out might include decorative canisters, a colorful bowl or platter, no more that one countertop appliance. You want it to be uncluttered. Items to remove or hide from view include dish towels, pet dishes, trash cans. Remove everything (magnets, pictures, calendars, etc.) from the outside of the fridge.

  • Hide all evidence of pets including food, crates, and water bowls.


Make your first impression count.